About Blue Wallaroo

Our purpose for existing is to make you smile, and maybe even giggle-snort a little, with silly, snarky and sometimes totally inappropriate tumblers. And on a broader scope, we are intent on making the world a happier place through Fun With Cups.
Here's how it works:
1) You see a snarky saying and it makes you giggle-snort.
2) You get that saying on a tumbler and carry it with you to work/the gym/the pool/class/everywhere.
3) All of your co-workers/friends/family/strangers/stalkers giggle-snort at your tumbler.
See! Together we've spread happiness without even trying hard! Oh, and those people who didn't giggle-snort, well there's no accounting for the humor impaired. Some people just can't be helped...


Behind the scenes, we are a small family owned business doing our best to make happy customers. We put a lot of energy into making sure that every tumbler you order from us is our best quality workmanship, and that it gets shipped quickly! We are always working to add new ideas and enjoy hearing suggestions from you - the people who carry them around spreading joy through the world! But our even greater happiness is when we get to read the reviews that you, our happy customers, leave for us. So we'll keep on making awesome tumblers, you keep leaving awesome reviews, and we'll all just keep on making the world an awesome happier place!